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Teresa Anderson

“G.O.P. Climate Plan”

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1st place,
Dried plant parts lot,
Advanced division

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Materials used:
Ash tree leaf stems, Asparagus, Barley (reg. and crushed), Basil, Birchbark (front and back sides), Black lentils, Blue beech leaves, Blue popcorn, Boston ivy stems, Brown flax seed, Canola, Corn husk, Crown vetch, French lentils, Ginkgo leaf, Hairy vetch, Milkweed hair, Millet, Mung beans, split & also peeled, Mustard (brown, yellow & split), Oatmeal, Parsnip, Poplar tree bark & sticks, Poppyseed (blue & yellow), Quinoa (white, black, & red), Radish, Raw pumpkin seeds, Red maple leaf, Sumac leaves, Wheat shaft, White Dutch clover, White pine needles, White poplar leaf (underside), Wild rice

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