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Teresa Anderson

“State Fair Mirror”

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15" x 15"

Blue ribbon, flat surface arrangement category, amateur division

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“The State Fair is a mirror of Minnesota greatness, a school for her citizens, and a place where all are welcome, entertained and experience the results of the best thought and effort in all lines of endeavor.”
—1911 Minnesota State Agriculture Society Creed

Seeds used:
lentils (green, black, red), cantaloupe, soybeans, crown vetch, millet, indian millet, golden flax, brown flax, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, quinoa, red quinoa, white Dutch clover, yellow mustard seeds, wild rice, mung beans, peeled mung beans, rape seed (canola), poppy seeds, winter wheat, timothy grass, bromegrass, pearled barley, split green pea, split yellow pea, Cream of Wheat, baisil, yellow cornmeal.

[small seed]

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