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Lillian Colton

What's New?

November 2021

  • Added Interpreting Fine Works of Art in Seeds.

  • Added new artist Ann Peters.

    October 2021

  • Added new artist Tony Pfaff.

  • Added new artist Jill Moe.

    September 2021

  • Added video about painting seeds by Dan L. to "How-tos" section.

  • Added 11 entries from Suzanne Mears.

  • Added 1 entry from Kim Cope.

  • Added new artist Heidi Haltson.

  • Added new artist Jesse Michael Christensen.

  • added gallery of 2021 entries from the State Fair.

  • Added 1 entry from Elizabeth Schreiber.

  • Added 1 entry from Cathy Camper.

  • Added 2 entries from Linda Paulsen.

  • Added 4 entries from Marta Shore.

  • Added 2 entries from Julie Blaha.

  • Added 4 entries from Christy Klancher.

    August 2021

  • Added 1 entry from Gayle Deutsch.

  • Added 1 new entry from Laura Melnick..

  • Added a timelapse video of making Bernie Sanders Mask and Mittens by David Steinlicht to "How-tos" section.

  • Added new artist Sarah Jerome.

  • Added multiple entries from David Steinlicht.

  • Added 2 entries from Teresa Anderson.

  • Added new artist Stephanie MacDougall.

  • Added new artist Joe Klancher.

  • Added new artist Jim Pipkin.

  • Added new artist Marta Shore.

  • Added new artist Cathy Klancher.

  • Added 14 entries from Cathy Camper.

    May 2021

  • Added "The evolution of an idea...." to "How-tos" section.

    April 2021

  • Started "What's new?" section so visitors can easily access the most recent additions/changes to the website.

  • Added 11 entries from Elizabeth Schrieber.

  • Added Linda Paulsen's entries through 2020.

    March 2021

  • Added new artist Julie Blaha.

  • Added new artist Gayle Deutsch

  • Renamed "Essay" web section to "How-tos" and updated information.

    January 2021

  • Added Laura Melnick's entries through 2020.

  • Added link on home page to the Minnesota State Fair's 2020 virtual crop art exhibit.

    September 2020

  • Added link on home page to an "In the News" section. Also added relevant news articles to individual artists' pages.

  • Added all Kim Cope's entries.

    August 2020

  • Added Teresa Anderson's entries through 2020.

  • Management of cropart.com passed to Joel and Teresa Anderson. Many thanks to David Steinlicht for creating these pages and to Nick Rindo for keeping the site alive!

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