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Julie Blaha

Julie Blaha is Minnesota's State Auditor and a State Fair enthusiast. Being a bean counter and State Fair super fan naturally led to crop art. Blaha has been exhibiting since 2017.

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[Julie Blaha Labor Day] [Julie Blaha Bean Counter] [Julie Blaha Be Audit You Can Be] [Julie Blaha P + T] [Julie Blaha First Avenue]
Labor Day
Bean Counter
Be Audit You Can Be
P + T
First Avenue
[Julie Blaha COVID-19 Vaccine Comes to Minnesota] [Julie Blaha COVID-19 Guess the Number of Beans] [Julie Blaha Semisesquicentennial of the Stick image] [Julie Blaha Your Bean Counter image] [Julie Blaha The Brick image]
COVID-19 Vaccine Comes to Minnesota
Guess the Number of Beans
Semisesquicentennial of the Stick
Your Bean Counter
The Brick
[Julie Blaha Minnesota Miracle 2.0 image]
Minnesota Miracle 2.0

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Sowing Discord At Minnesotas Seed Art Competition
By Isabella Segalovich
Hyperallergic, September 5, 2023

What's the Great Minnesota Get-Together like for politicians when it's not an election year?
By Briana Bierschbach
Star Tribune AUGUST 25, 2023

A day in politics at the Minnesota State Fair
Story by Jessie Van Berkel, photographs by Glen Stubbe
Star Tribune, September 2, 2022

Julie Blaha brings 'fresh attitude' to building back State Auditor's Office
By Briana Bierschbach
Star Tribune, August 14, 2021

Planting the seeds for a great Minnesota get-together
By Jennifer Brooks
Star Tribune, March 13, 2021

Even without a State Fair, Minnesota's crop artists are in full flower
By Jenna Ross
Star Tribune, August 26, 2020

State Fair crop art helps lighten political mood
By Joni Astrup
Star News, September 3, 2019

State auditor wins State Fair blue ribbon with crop art of Lt. Gov. engagement
By Dave Orrick
Pioneer Press
, August 22, 2019

Minnesota candidate Julie Blaha makes a crop art campaign ad
BY Adam Uren
Bring Me the News
, August 19, 2018

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