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Winter 2016

Right from his first piece, new artist Nick Rindo has done really solid work. Check out Capt. Kirk vs. The Gorn.

Linda Koutsky's and Teresa Anderson's pages have been updated with new art.

Fall 2007

Welcome Teresa Anderson to the Web site. Her politically-charged work includes 2007's portrait of Dick Cheney.

Welcome Linda Paulsen to the Web site. She has done some fantastic work, including this amazing portrait of Frank Sinatra.

Updating Sandra Fjerkenstad-Budel's pages, and it's about time. Don't miss her Leadbelly portrait.

New in summer 2007
Please welcome Suzanne Mears to the Web site! Suzanne's first work in crop art is the perfect Minnesota State Fair combination of Tom Thumb Donuts and seeds. Yum!

New additions and larger pictures have been added for Kim Cope's gallery. You don't want to miss "The Scream" in seeds.

Note: In 2004, both Suzanne and Kim did Hello Kitty in seeds! Both are great -- check them out! Suzanne Mears' "Hello Kitty" and Kim Cope's "Hello Kitty."

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