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Ashley LeMay

What happens when you combine the patience of a zen master, the precision of a surgeon, and the spirit of a mischievous maker? When she's not busy coaxing wild rice and millet into mesmerizing mosaics visible only at the Minnesota State Fair, you might find her whispering artistic secrets to sun-kissed sunflowers or attempting to convert other art-lovers into seedsmiths. Ashley LeMay is a lifelong Minnesota State Fair fanatic and debuted as a crop artist in 2022. She has a graphic design background and works in marketing. Her favorite place to be (besides the fair) is at home with her kids Nahla and Marley, and dog Harambe.

[Ashley LeMay Ope! Edibles image] [Ashley LeMay MKG Celebrates 40 Years image] [Ashley LeMay Cherry and Spoonbridge image] [Ashley LeMay Cherry and Spoonbridge image] [Ashley LeMay Sink Boats: Each the Rich image]
Ope! Edibles
MKG Celebrates 40 Years
Cherry and Spoonbridge
He Thought He Could
Sink Boats: Each the Rich

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